A tiny, innovative gaming company
with a very unique mission.

Old School Games.
Top School "Look & Feel".
New School Technology.

Here are some games that serve us as inspiration. Recognize any of them?

The Games You Miss

Many games that millions of players have grown to love are gone.

New types of games are here; built for new generations.

Our goal: bring those "old" games back to life. And inject new life into them.

The "Look & Feel" You Know

We know how used you are to your favorite game's interface.

Players often think twice before switching games, and too often it's just because they way games feel.

Our goal: User Interfaces that will feel as natural as your own hands.

The Fun You Expect

Nothing is more fun than being able to immerse yourself into the game.

Our goal: curb those "learning curbs" down to the max.

It means you play, instead of learning how to play.

Q & A

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Our Flagship Game

...and the Tablet Hunters
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Our Blog

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